8 Reasons to Upgrade to Wirecast 8

Haven’t upgraded to Wirecast 8 yet? Why Not?! Wirecast 8 includes new features and updates that will make your live broadcast even more awesome! We’ve updated our easy-to-use interface to make it even easier to produce the highest quality live streams. Other new features in Wirecast 8 include Rendezvous, Multi-Viewer, Facebook Live comments, and more! Below we’ve broken down the top eight reasons why we love Wirecast 8 (and think you should too):

  1. Stream directly to Facebook Live

If you are on an old version of Wirecast, with Wirecast 8 you can stream directly to Facebook Live as a preset destination! This enables you to do all kinds of useful things like pre-schedule your events, geo-tag your streams for better discoverability, create sponsored streams for monetization, and keep an eye on how many viewers are watching and commenting using our built-in tallies.  This feature is especially useful since Facebook Live is one of the most popular streaming destinations since it opened up to the public. Use the RTMP setting to simultaneously stream to Facebook Live and other built-in destinations.

  1. Easier-to-use than ever before

We’ve overhauled the way Wirecast makes images, so now you can use things like wireframes and handles to grab, position, scale and rotate any element in your project just be clicking on it in the Dynamic Editor.  New snapping guides help you layout your compositions, and the built-in drop shadow and reflection tools let you apply beautiful effects.

  1. Titler Live 3 Express or Present for FREE

Titler Live 3 Express is included in every purchase (or upgrade) of Wirecast Studio 8. Titler Live 3 Present is included with every purchase or upgrade of Wirecast Pro.  This live titling software is powerful enough to perform in a broadcast environment to easily add 3D main titles, bugs and lower thirds. Use the included premade templates to give your live broadcast a clean and professional look! Motion graphics make your broadcasts look amazing and professional.

  1. Built-in remote conferencing with Rendezvous

Rendezvous is a built-in conferencing tool that allows you to bring remote callers into your live stream. Just send your guests a Rendezvous link through text or email and they can join you live with video and audio on their computer using a web browser or using our Wirecast Go iOS app.  All they need is a good internet connection!  Wirecast Studio allows up to 2 remote guests for a 3-way conference, while Wirecast Pro allows up to 7 remote guests for an 8-way conference!

  1. Display Facebook Live comments on screen!

Included in Wirecast 8, NewBlueFX Titler Live Express allow you to bring Facebook Live comments directly on to your screen so anyone can read the comments and join in the conversation. This integrated social express feature allows you to display comments from Facebook Live in real-time in an aesthetically pleasing way. This boosts viewer participation by instantly adding their comments to your live broadcast as they occur.

  1. Powerful new Multi-Viewer

The new Multi-Viewer tool in Wirecast 8 allows you to configure different displays so you can view any source or set of sources on any connected monitor. This useful tool allows you to view at a glance your project sources, cameras and video elements in an easy, organized way. Simply configure the premade layouts with up to 4 source slots for Wirecast Studio, and up to 17 live source slots with Wirecast Pro. Even configure layouts on-the-fly as your live production requires. This feature is great for sports broadcasters, technical directors or producers or for anyone who needs to display sources on an external display.

  1. More control and power with pro audio features

New in Wirecast 8 is support for pro audio interfaces that work with common standards like ASIO and WASAPI. We’ve added the ability for Wirecast to detect up to 16-channels of audio per source, which allows you to add more customer audio sources to your live productions and do less up stream mixing.

  1. Multi-language streaming!

Plus, in Wirecast Pro 8, you can now output multiple custom audio tracks! This powerful new feature gives you the ability to create separate mixes of different audio sources and ouput or publish them to different destinations. Create multiple language streams, or create multi-track MP4 or MOV recordings for easier editing using this feature.

Wirecast 8 is available in our store now! And our wonderful customers who have previously purchased Wirecast, you can upgrade for a discounted price!

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