How to integrate Aspera FASP into the Vantage workflow

Moving Vantage Files using Aspera FASP

With the integration of Aspera FASP into the Vantage workflow, Vantage customers can now initiate secure, high-speed file transfers from within the Vantage media processing workflow.

With its scalable, software-centric workflow that spans from camera to distribution, Vantage gives media content owners, producers and distributors an efficient, automated solution to ingest, transform, package, monetize, and distribute their media assets.

This joint technology solution shortens end-to-end file-based workflows by enabling high-speed ingest and distribution of large-scale, high volume digital processing workflows, regardless of the file size, distance or network conditions.

Integration with the Aspera FASPStream API

Aspera’s FASPStream enables the Vantage file system to have direct, folder-level access to media content on any Aspera Enterprise Server end-point, including an Enterprise Server or point-to-point node system.

Vantage users can also browse, upload and download media files with any Aspera Server end-point. And the bi-directional high-speed transfers they need are automated into and out of Vantage.

Compatible with all Aspera capabilities, the native Aspera FASPStream API provides support for all clients, servers and applications, and storage options, including on-premise or cloud-based, from within Vantage. And it ensures complete compatibility with all Aspera capabilities, including adaptive bandwidth control, management and notification, encryption over the wire and at rest and support for all clients, servers and applications.

Also includes Aspera Faspex API

Besides enabling direct Vantage file system access to files on Aspera servers and clients, the integrated Vantage Aspera solution also allows Vantage to use another Aspera media service known as faspex. Based upon criteria defined in the workflow, this Vantage Aspera workflow automates the process of sending files directly to the end user or via a faspex dropbox they can access.

The process encompasses composing a faspex digital package containing the media and associated files, and initiating high-speed delivery of the files directly to the end user or via a faspex dropbox. Upon notification of the delivery, the recipients can download the package using the faspex interface or any faspex client, including the Connect browser plug-in, iOS or Android mobile faspex app, Cargo automatic downloader, Aspera Drive or the Aspera faspex Add-in for Outlook.

Licensing and server requirements

To enable access to an Aspera Enterprise Server’s file system, directly from Vantage, users must first obtain the V-AS-PERA-SW license option from Telestream. Vantage does not restrict the number of simultaneous connections to Aspera Enterprise Servers. However, you should consult your Aspera Enterprise Server administrator regarding restrictions there may be on the Aspera Server side.

In addition to the Vantage Aspera license, customers must be using Vantage 6.3 or later, as well as the Vantage Aspera Enterprise Server set-up installer (v6.3.300.62 or later).

On the Aspera Server side, Vantage support for Aspera Enterprise Server file system access requires remote servers running Aspera Enterprise Server or Point to Point v3.5.2 or later. And, Aspera recommends setting SSH MaxSessions to 100 on the Aspera Enterprise Server.

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