ScreenFlow 4.0 Sneak Peek: Stay More Organized

Here’s another sneak peek at what’s coming in ScreenFlow 4.0. I don’t have words to tell you how much I love the new Nested Clips feature.

ScreenFlow 4 helps you keep even the most complex projects organized with new features including:

Nested Clips

  • Merge multiple elements into a single (nested) clip on the timeline,
  • Access and edit nested content on a separate tabbed timeline
  • Apply filters and video actions to nested clips as a way to join content

Media library organization tools

  • Easily find and organize all the clips in your library
  • Search for a specific clips
  • Arrange clips by name, duration, or type
  • View your media in list view
  • Select a clip and see where it’s used in your timeline


  1. zorcan1

    Im excited to see another version of Screenflow is coming, but I have a suggestion. Could there be a way, where people could just save a file as an mp4 or mov or something and NOT have to export it? This is the most frustrating thing of all because I edit in FCPX but need an awesome program like screenflow to record my desktop. Thanks a ton

    – zorcan

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