Can I Export ScreenFlow Videos for Use in Final Cut?

ScreenFlow-icon-transparencyDespite the powerful editing tools in ScreenFlow, there may be an occasion when you need to do more extensive editing to your ScreenFlow video. So, how do you get your video into Final Cut, and which export format should you use?

The first question is easy! When you have finished editing in ScreenFlow, export your movie. Then you simply select Import from the File menu in Final Cut, and choose your video to import.

final-cut-pro-x-logoThe second question is a little more subjective. The best format to use for export will depend on your requirements. If quality is important, you can try exporting toAppleProRes or the FCS3 ProResLT or AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec). These are compressed formats designed for best quality. Alternatively, if you prefer a lower file size, you can export in H.264, but you may sacrifice quite a bit on quality.


    • Lynn Elliott

      Technically this is possible, but it’s not a simple yes/no answer. In the export process, you can choose to export ONLY the audio tracks or only the video. Then import that into Final Cut separately. You could also mute all the audio tracks you don’t want, then export…. There are lots of ways to do it. If you need help, contact -they’d be happy to walk you through the different options.

  1. Hi

    I’m trying to export from Screenflow 4.5.2 to Final Cut Pro 10.1.3. The video shows forms that need completing in our iPad app. The text is clear in Screenflow. But in Final cut it looks clear until the video runs when it becomes very blurred. I have tried exporting in AppleProRes & H.264, and at frame rates from 15-30. Am I missing something?

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